Passing the high school diploma in adulthood in the context of biographical transition practices

Noreen Eberle

Based on the practice theory approach, my hypothesis is that transitions derive from social practices which are subject to negotiation and construction processes between preconceived social role models, institutional restrictions and the (re-)production of inequality discourses. Relevant questions to be posed include to what extent factors such as unequal educational opportunities, institutional separation of different school types, or dominant discourses of normality are manifested in the biographical narratives.

Through individual case reconstructions and detailed analysis of biographical narrative interviews, I will investigate interviewee’s decision to pass a high school diploma in adulthood, and how they carry it out. Focus will be on identifying meanings and patterns of interpretation, and how this is interwoven with their biography.

The project contributes to empirically take practice theory approaches forward. This serves for the investigation of transitions and the revelation of practices and their inherent forms of knowledge.